Dorking Talks and Workshops

Join with experienced speakers as they share their knowledge and wisdom.

A full programme of talks and workshops runs throughout the day, all included FREE in the visitor admission price. A variety of speakers cover a wide range of subjects and, at most shows, there will be at least one demonstration of mediumship.

Talks Agenda for Dorking 26th February 2017 


10.45 am

Terry Webber

Exercising the Heart Energy Growing the qualities that speak Soul to Soul

Terry talks about the ways in which we can turn our backs on Fear, Judgement and Manipulation

and enjoy the true Abundance that creates feelings of Wealth, Generosity and Kindness.


11.15 am - The Year Ahead on Planet Earth

Candace Caddick

Candace Caddick is a clairaudient channel and writes books on behalf of angels. This will be a

question and channelled answer session about what is happening now with humanity and the

planet, to guide us in the year ahead.


11.45 am - Enhancing your Lifestyle and Wellbeing using Himalayan Salt

Arun Lotay, Amazing Himalayan Salt Company

Minerals and Hydrations are two things we are missing from everything including our diets. These

two problems are triggers for the body to start breaking down. Using Himalayan Salt in various

ways doesn't cure, it helps balance us to make our bodies start to heal naturally!


12.15 pm - A Demonstration of Mediumship

Charlotte Codrai

Charlotte will captivate the audience, with evidential information that is GUARANTEED to

impress. Bring a friend or family member for support and validation. Be amazed. Arrive early so

that you are guaranteed a seat.


12.45 pm - Sound Healing - the medicine of the past and the future

Stuart Kipling, Healing Light

Most ancient cultures used the seemingly magical power of sound to heal. As Sound Healing is

reclaiming it’s role as the pre-eminent healing modality, take a journey from Aborigines, creation

stories, through Ancient Egypt, to Archaeoacoustics and beyond.


1.15 pm - Introduction to Geomancy

Saira Kadeer, Modern Mystic

Learn about the ancient art of Geomancy - an ancient form of divination combining geomantic

symbols with astrology for predictions and insight into one's life. Learn about the symbols and

how to do a full geomantic chart and also how to do quick geomantic readings.


1.45 pm - Psychic Mentalism

Michael Wysockyj

“Psychic” – using the 6th sense. “Mentalism” – exploring the powers of the mind and using 5-

sensory means to get a link . Combining the two approaches is a passion of mine in my

demonstrations. Think “Derren Brown” but with extra psychic insights about the choices you

make! “A brilliant interactive demonstration that will have everyone wondering ‘how’?!”


2.15 pm - What Spirit Want to Say to You

Molly Ann Fairley, School of Psychic Studies

You will receive a short yet powerful reading directly from Spirit using the Tarot Cards. Blocks

with money, weight and love will be uncovered and addressed and you will realise how much

spiritual presence you have around you and how much incredible guidance and healing they can

give you.


2.45 pm - Healing Trauma: Soul Perspective

Ishala Wayshower, Next Level Healing

Trauma in whatever form, can create ongoing struggles in life. Ishala shares the Soul perspective

and how Energy transfer occurs within our Cellular Memory. Plus experience an exclusive

profound healing pathway to clear deep wounds, reclaim your power and reset to your Divine

Original Blue Print.


3.15 pm - Food for Consciousness and Edenic States

Holly Paige

Getting back on track of our true peak potential through neuroactive nutrition and a real connection

to the Earth and Stars. We have the potential to live in a very different and profoundly preferable

state of consciousness to the one we currently consider normal.


3.45 pm - Temples of Golden Light

Linda Jarrett

The 144 Temples of Golden Light are a gift from source to re-balance earth with Goddess energy,

raising your vibration through the temples. The Temples of Golden Light are beautiful global

ascension temples they are surrounded by the Rainbow Angels and filled with absolute love and

golden light.