Dorking Talks and Workshops

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Dorking Talks and Workshops including NEW interactive sessions

Join with experienced speakers as they share their knowledge and wisdom.


A full programme of talks and workshops runs throughout the day, all included FREE in the visitor admission price. A variety of speakers cover a wide range of subjects and, at most shows, there will be at least one demonstration of mediumship.

Dorking 25th February

10.45 am 144 Temples of Golden Light – Linda Jarrett, Temples of Golden Light

Linda Jarrett is Founder and Ambassador of 144 Temples of Golden Light overlite by Divine Mother. The Temples are a gift from Source to Re-Balance Mother Earth with Goddess energy. Linda will connect you to the temples that are surrounded by the Rainbow Angels overlite by 2 new Archangels.

11.15 am NEW TALK! Did you know you have a Colour Personality? – Alison Standish, The Colour Ministry

Colour is everywhere! This amazing vibration can help us to heal both our physical bodies and balance our emotions.  We even have a Colour Personality which is calculated using numerology and corresponding colours.  Come and find out your Personality Colour and your complimentary colours to learn how to maintain balance and harmony.

11.45 am NEW TALK! How to work with the Devic Kingdom and Angelic using crystalsRobert Burlinson, Academy of Inner Resonance

What are the Devic kingdom and the Angelic and how can we work with them to help bring healing to the planet? Robert gives some key crystals that can help us become more open and aware of the nature elementals and Angelic. Meditation included.

12.15 pm NEW TALK! 5D Living in 2018 – Ishala Wayshower, Next Level Healing

Connecting to the 5th Dimension energy frequencies are more relevant now than ever as we’ve hit the year 2018. Explore how to negotiate the changes and shifts and be delighted to celebrate what we can expect from this year!

12.45 pm Demonstration of Mediumship – Charlotte Codrai

Charlotte will captivate the audience, with evidential information that is GUARANTEED to IMPRESS. bring a friend or a family member for support and validation. BE AMAZED! Arrive early to get a seat.
(For entertainment purposes only)

1.15 pm NEW TALK! Rediscover Your Inner Wisdom – Mary Lunnen, Dare to Blossom

Mary will share some insights and tools developed over 15 years. Experience for yourself how a simple word, and a colour, can bring you insights from your own inner wisdom. This enables you to step into your personal power and take action out in the world from that grounded place within you.

1.45 pm Psychic Mentalism Michael Wysockyj

“Psychic” – using the 6th sense. “Mentalism” – exploring the powers of the mind and using 5-sensory means to get a link . Combining the two approaches is a passion of mine in my demonstrations. Think “Derren Brown” but with extra psychic insights about the choices you make! “A brilliant interactive demonstration that will have everyone wondering ‘how’?!”

2.15 pm NEW TALK! How to create a daily meditation practice – Olga, Holistic Healing Therapy

Join Olga to learn how to create a successful daily meditation practice by looking at the Eight Limbs of Yoga, the primary text in yogic philosophy. Olga will cover the reasons some people fail in establishing their daily practice, the main distractions in meditation and how to avoid them, and the elements required to build a successful practice.

 2.45 pm How to start and grow your own profitable holistic business – Debora Luzi

Debora shares her experiences of starting a business that combines a product and services with very little money. Learn about strategies to grow your network, offerings you can create, marketing ideas and the right mindset

3.15 pm NEW TALK! The NZ First Light Medicine wheel – Lizzie Nicholson, Essenze

Experience the creation of a shamanic altar and fly in my soul retrieval meditation. The healing chord within is designed to clear blockages, raise your consciousness and create long lasting true wellness. This is a journey to your soul and inner wisdom.

Join our NEW Interactive sessions – A gift from us!

We are delighted to introduce two new sessions that will bring wonderful new experiences. Following on from the success of the interactive sessions at the Kempton Wellbeing festival in November we wanted to bring you something different. There is no cost for taking part – consider them our gift to you! If you have never experienced a sound bath then treat yourself today! We hope that you will enjoy taking part.

3.45 pm NEW! Discover the benefits of Thai Yoga massage – Daniel Gladwell, Gladwell massage (35 mins)

Learn about Thai Yoga massage, its origins and benefits. This an experiential talk during which Daniel will guide you through a demonstration of Thai yoga massage moves. We will have fun practising in pairs so bring a friend or partner or we’ll find you someone lovely to learn with together!. You will come away with having learnt a few Thai yoga massage moves to use at home.

4.30pm NEW! Sound Bath – Gary Evans, Holistic Healing Therapy Ltd (45 – 60 mins)

Deeply relaxing and enjoyable, Gong Baths are also known as sound bathing, because the body becomes immersed in relaxing sound waves. Not only will you hear the sound waves but you will feel them too! The lower frequency sound waves act in a similar way to deep tis-sue massage. Join us; you might be surprised at the results!

NB This workshop will end after the show closes at 5pm.