Sussex Talks and Workshops

Join with experienced speakers as they share their knowledge and wisdom.

A full programme of talks and workshops runs throughout the day, all included FREE in the visitor admission price. A variety of speakers cover a wide range of subjects and, at most shows, there will be at least one demonstration of mediumship…


Talks and Workshops

11.00 Sarah Stanley
How the mind works. How is anxiety, stress, depression created?
This talk will help you understand how the brain works, and how to bring the
sub-conscious and conscious minds into balance. You will discover why focusing on the positive events in our lives, allows you to take control of our thoughts, our feelings and our actions. A short relaxation will conclude this session.

11.30am Chris Stavri
A short Kabbalistic Meditation.
Today, I will take you through the Tree of Life – an ancient mystical practice. During this facilitation you can become aware of different aspects of yourself and you can ask a question about a matter that concerns you.

12.00pm Robert Burlinson
‘Reality’ is nothing but a collective dream. How to know this to be true and to help yourself wake up.
What are the signs that what we take for reality is nothing but a collective dream?
How do we prove to ourselves that this is so, and how do we wake up from it?

12.30pm Clemens Brennan
How Psychic are You?
We all have intuitive abilities and different types of psychic awareness. In this experiential talk with psychic reader Clemens, you will test your own psychic powers. We will try a range of games and exercises, putting you the audience in the mystic’s chair. Bring an open mind and prepare to surprise yourself!

1.00pm Andy Brine
The Hero’s Journey and The Journey to Your Soul. Your Personal Guide to Spiritual Growth and Transformation…
Andy will be speaking about how the hero’s journey applies to you and your life. He will be sharing an overview of The Hero’s Journey as a whole, as we look back at its origins in history. He will then look at how this natural structure plays out in each area of your life and how you can then use it as a guide and a tool for spiritual growth and to bring about transformation.

1.30pm Charlotte Codrai
Demonstration of Mediumship

2.00pm Corinna
Believe – that anything is possible!
You can harness your potential and bring your dreams into reality.  Corinna will guide you through a relaxation technique to find your inner knowing and your souls purpose.  By using the sub-conscious mind you can create the reality you so desire, by using the power of thought and key affirmations on a daily basis.

2.30pm Michael Wysockyj
Psychic Mentalism
“Psychic” – using the 6th sense
“Mentalism” – exploring the powers of the mind and using 5-sensory means to get a link
Combining the two approaches is a passion of mine in my demonstrations. Think “Derren Brown” but with extra psychic insights about the choices you make! A brilliant interactive demonstration that will have everyone wondering ‘how’?!

3.00pm Debbie Young
Mindfulness Talk and Practice Session
In Western society we now are beginning to understand and appreciate the positive effects of Mindfulness, a technique that ancient cultures have been practicing for many hundreds of years.  It gives us the ability to focus on the present moment rather than allowing our minds to lose concentration and wander off. With practice, mindfulness can help to achieve a feeling of inner peace, a clear and balanced mind, reduce anxiety and stress, and enhance our emotional and physical well-being. Come along to learn a bit more about this very popular technique, have a go at mindfulness too, and see what it is all about.

3.30pm Share International
Transmission meditation
Join in a simple group meditation established to better distribute Hierarchical energies. It is a means of stepping down (transforming) spiritual energies so that they become accessible and useful to the general public.

4.00pm Emily Mascarenhas
Essential oils for the whole family

Learn ways to use doTerra essential oils as an amazing alternative or complement to the ‘every day’ medicine cabinet to support health on a physical and emotional level and how they are a gift from natures medicine cabinet. We will sniff and taste essentially infused drinks and snacks and share an educational and empowering session together.