Exhibitor list

Surrey Yoga Festival Exhibitors

Please note that exhibitors may change at very short notice. If you are attending this event to see a particular exhibitor, please be aware that their attendance on the day is not guaranteed. Holistic & Mystic shows offer a wide range of exhibitors and talks that are included in the admission price at the Dorking show.

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Exhibitor Details for 10th June 2018

Aroma Love Yoga – Alice Pead, www.aromaloveyoga.com
We are pleased to provide for emotional and physical wellbeing doTERRA Essential oils, Aroma yoga, AromaTouch Technique.

Clairvoyant London – Charlotte Codrai, www.clairvoyantlondon.com
Charlotte WILL AMAZE YOU with her abilities as a Psychic Clairvoyant Medium Tarot and Oracle card reader giving specific information GUARANTEED to IMPRESS Internationaly renowned SkyTV Radio Media

Coaching & Communication – Gail Mair, www.gail-mair.eu
Holistic Pulsing

A deep, gentle, effective hands-on form of bodywork therapy used on the clothed body.
It releases physical, psychological and emotional stress.

Deliciously Honest – Fiona Scott, www.deliciouslyhonest.com
Handmade raw chocolate free from processed sugars, dairy and gluten.  Also soap, moisturiser and lip salve made from cacao.

Divine Calling Healing – Tasha Lee, www.divinecalling.co.uk
Master/Teacher of Usui & Angelic Reiki, Divine Healing Codes & Energy Healing. Angelic Reiki & Divine Healing Code sessions offered.

Essenze – Lizzie Nicholson
Shamanic + Reiki healing along with Shamanic essences and Oils

Flip the Dog – Jenny Dzafic,
Sustainable British made yoga leggings, created with performance fabric made from recycled plastics. Cut to flatter, made to perform,kind to the planet, coloured to brighten your karma.

Gladwell Massage – Daniel Gladwell, www.gladwellmassage.com
Chair massages

Hang Out Yoga – Marc Cross, www.hangoutyoga.co.uk
Improve strength, increase flexibility & gain better spinal health. Yoga Trapeze (aka Aerial Yoga) is both a fun and relaxing experience that will challenge you in new ways. Come and Hang Out with us!

Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary – Alan Moore, www.harryedwardshealingsanctuary.org.uk
Spiritual Healing on couch & chairs, provided by a team of Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary volunteers.

Hilary Collins Textiles – Hilary Collins, www.hilarycollins.co.uk
Created with the intention for self-nurturing, textile designer/maker Hilary is showcasing her luxurious sensory products for your holistic lifestyle, featuring her indulgent lavender scented hand printed silk eye pillows, to enhance your relaxation space- the gift of inner calm

Holistic Healing Therapy LTD – Gary Evans, www.holistichealingtherapy.co.uk
Gong Sound Therapy, Reiki and Kinesiology treatments

Joodaboo – Julia k Waller, www.joodaboo.com
Joodaboo Jewellery, combines crystals, semi precious stone and sterling silver beads, with the talismanic power of crystal energy to create unique pieces with an ultra modern tribal vibe.

Just Be Natural – Lousia Pini, www.justbenatural.co.uk
Award winning handmade luxurious aromatherapy skincare, room sprays & organic essential oils. Range includes a unique Carshalton Lavender collection made using locally harvested lavender.Free testers.

Lotus Healthy Life – Ricardo Goni, www.lotushealthylife.co.uk
Mayan Massage: strong and gentle movements through the muscles and
tendons, to relief users from pain, stress, back problems, headaches
and more. chair or table.

Magnetix Wellness – Samantha Carr, Www.magnetixwellnessjewellery.co.uk
Beautiful collection of jewellery & accessories with magnets for your health & wellbeing

Midsussexphysiopilates pilates & forever – Tamsin Clake,
Forever products
Physio and pilates products

Moon Karma – Dipesh Munakarmi, www.moonkarma.com
Singing Bowl, statues and accessories for Yoga and Meditation from Nepal.

Ovviovita – Kashish Golani, www.ovviovita.com
Pamper yourself with luxurious fragrance and exquisite range of
natural hair care & body care products custom made in UK using organic
herbs, nourishing oils & botanical extracts.

Phoenix Wave – Lina Holistic Therapies – Lina Darguzaite, www.facebook.compheonixwave
Rahanni Celestial Healing, Holistic Items

Precious for Her – Aleksandra Evele, www.instagram.compreciousforher
Vegan Cakes

Real Remedies – Vanessa Jacoby,
Real Remedies serve up a range of highly-tuned botanical spirits, cocktails, teas, tinctures and tonics. They ‘package’ the plants as tools for attaining greater sensitivity and awareness.

Resilo Ltd – Chris Slocombe, www.resilo.co.uk
Be Naturally Resilient. Resilo is a novel pain treatment therapy that
repairs, relieves and restores the body.

Restoring Balance Wellbeing Clinic – Amanda Collins, www.restoringbalance.org.ukindex.html
The Chrysalis Effect Recovery Programme – supporting people with Chronic Fatigue, ME & Fibromyalgia.
The Balance Procedure – a powerful ENERGY technique to BALANCE your energy, thoughts and emotions

Ringana – Sandra Holota, www.ringana.com
Ringana – innovative Austrian brand producing fresh skin care products and supplements. Come and see what makes us #SoDifferent. 100% natural product and environment friendly concept can seriously blow your mind 🙂
#sofree #sofresh #sogood #some

School of life BG – Glenn Smith, www.schooloflifebg.com
The School of life BG will be offering Bio Resonance treatment, Chakra measuring, Chakra Energy Balancing, Aura Cleansing.Third eye Activation. Offering a range of chakra balancing jewellery.

Susan-Emma Complementary Therapy & Surrey School of Reiki – Sue Walsh, www.susanemma.com
Bach Flower Remedies taster sessions

Susie Bridges 
Reflexology and Indian Head Massage treatments with Aura-Soma (soul selective colour therapy) & Reiki

The Colour Ministry – Alison Standish, www.thecolourministry.co.uk
The Colour Ministry offers a full range of colour therapy products and services. At the show you will get to know your Colour Personality and which colours will be of benefit to you personally

The Henna Den – Simi, www.thehennaden.co.uk
Specialists in exotic incense, resins and spiritual items.

Tropic Skincare & Beauty – Bronagh Moyna, www.tropicskincare.co.ukshopbronaghmoyna
Showcasing the full range of products for you to try out. I will be doing Hand Smoothing Treatments, Mini Taster Facials and Makeup Matching.

True Healing – Clare Phillips, www.truehealing.co.uk
What do your eyes say about you? Find out with an iridology taster session. Also information on homeopathy and nutritional supplements available.

Tulasi Maharani – Govinda Morin, www.etsy.comukshopTulasiMaharani
A lovely collection of handmade holistic and yoga jewellery using
sacred woods gem stones and precious metals, we also offer Cotton Yoga
clothing and accessories. Perfect for treats and gifts.

Vitali Chi – Allen Jesson , www.vitali-chi.com
Vitali-Chi health improving products and 30 minute healing meditations

Yggdrasil acupuncture – Paul Rogers, www.yggdrasilacupuncture.com
Get instant pain relief with the balance method acupuncture and a better understanding of your health with a Traditional Chinese Medicine tongue and pulse diagnosis.

Zenaida Health and Sakura Healing – Joyce Hutchinson and Alex Wilson, www.zenaida-health.co.uk
Providing Holistic Therapy- we are two people who often work together. Together we provide Reflexology, Seated Indian Head and Acupressure Massage, and Tera Mai Energy Healing.

Interested in exhibiting? Click here to find out more…

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