Terms and Conditions

Holistic & Mystic, 6 Walcot Rise, Diss, Norfolk, IP22 4PD
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Terms and Conditions

  1. Bookings are accepted only on the basis of the description of products and/or services detailed on the exhibitor booking form. Any additions or deviations must be with the approval of the organiser prior to attending. The organiser reserves the right to ask you to remove any items/services that have not been previously declared
  2. In the interest of ensuring a balanced show the organiser reserves the right to decline an application at their discretion and without explanation.
  3. No sub-letting or sharing of stand space is allowed without the agreement of the Organiser at the time of booking.
  4. Where any stand is a mix of reading/therapy and/or product, the higher priced stand rate applies.
  5. No extensions or widening of stands is permitted without prior agreement. All signage and equipment must be clearly described on the booking form and must fit within the stand space purchased.
  6. Drawing pins, Velcro, sticky tape etc must not be used to attach posters etc to the walls of the building. Some venues will allow blue tack – please check with the organiser at set-up and take care as damage charged for by the venue will be passed on to the exhibitor.
  7. Exhibitors are required to provide their own extension leads.
  8. All tables must be covered with a cloth that covers all sides of their stand and reaches to the floor.
  9. Exhibitor passes will be given out on the morning of the show. Two passes will be provided for a single stand, three passes for a double stand. Further passes can be purchased in advance on the booking form or on the day.
  10. Stands will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Whilst requests can be made for positions they cannot be guaranteed. Exhibitors can book a premium position at a further cost to guarantee their chosen position. Alterations to stand positions must not be made on the day of the event without the organiser’s consent.
  11. For events that have outdoor stands – whilst some protective covering is provided overhead, the organiser cannot be responsible for any damage to stock or loss of income due to adverse weather conditions.


Power supply is included in the stand booking and must be requested on the booking form so that stands can be allocated near to power points. All exhibitors are required to bring their own extension leads, which must be taped down behind each exhibitor’s stands and within the immediate vicinity of the stand. Holistic and Mystic will not accept responsibility for any accidents to the public or exhibitors for any cables not securely taped down.

All cables and electrical equipment must be in good condition and PAT tested in accordance with the venues health and safety regulations. Current PAT certificates for each piece of equipment used will be required and power may be refused if not provided.


Roll up banners are not allowed in any part of the venue other than behind an exhibitor’s stand and must be kept to a maximum of two (average size) unless otherwise agreed at the time of booking. Whilst the organiser will endeavour to accommodate signage etc this cannot be guaranteed. In the interest of health and safety removal of a banner will be requested if it is considered to be a trip hazard risk to other exhibitors, encroaches on another exhibitor’s stand space or is deemed to obscure the view of other exhibitor’s stands.


There will be a designated area for promotional leaflets, which exhibitors are invited to use. The area is exclusively for the use of show exhibitors. All other advertisements and leaflets etc should be confined to the boundaries of the stand; the leaving of leaflets at any other area of the venue including the refreshment area and the toilets is not allowed.


An entry for exhibitors taking part in a Holistic and Mystic show is included in the show programme available for visitors. This entry is free and is inserted according to information provided at the time of booking. Any typing errors or entries not wanted will not be compensated for – please check the information you provide and inform us if you do not want to be included.

Your participation in promoting the Event

It is in all our interests that the show is success therefore we ask that you use whatever means you have available to help promote the show you are attending in advance. Flyers for your distribution will be posted out and emails with promotional links etc will be emailed. Please also include a link to the show you are attending on your website and we will be happy to include a link for your business on the Holistic and Mystic website.

Talks and Workshops

  1. We offer an opportunity for exhibitors to present talks and workshops free of charge. There is limited availability and spaces are allocated primarily on first bookings received and also in order to provide a balanced agenda.
  2. A request for a talk slot must be made on the exhibitor booking form with full details of the talk content provided.
  3. Exhibitors are not guaranteed a talk slot although we will take every request into consideration.
  4. The talks agenda will be distributed as early as possible in the weeks before the show and all selected exhibitors will be informed of their talk time.
  5. Speakers are required to keep strictly to their time in order to ensure the following speaker has their full time allowance.

Stand Positions

Holistic and Mystic allocate the stand positions for each exhibitor in order to create a fair and balanced show. Whilst all requests will be taken into consideration the Organiser’s decision is final.

Payment and Cancellation

All stands must be paid for in full no less than 6 weeks before attending the event

  1. A provisional booking will be held for 7 days. In the event that either the relevant deposit or full payment is not received, the provisional booking will be deemed as no longer required and sold on.
  2. Payment is non-refundable within 4 weeks of the event date unless the stand can be filled by an exhibitor of a similar kind and quality. In the event of the stand being re-sold an admin charge of 50% of the stand cost will be made for cancellations within 4 weeks.
  3. Should payment not have been received in accordance with the payment T&Cs Holistic and Mystic reserve the right to cancel an exhibitor’s booking and replace the stand.
  4. In the event of cancellation at any time after a booking form has been accepted and processed a £20 administration fee will be deducted from any payments that are refunded to cover administration costs.

Setting up and Closing Down

  1. Access to the venue is from 8am through the main access at one day shows and from 1pm on Friday at Kempton Park.
  2. After unloading, vehicles should be moved and parked in the designated parking area/car park to allow maximum visitor access.
  3. All stands must be set up by 9.45am (for a 10am show opening) with all boxes/storage etc hidden from view.
  4. Stands are not to be taken down for any reason (except in an emergency) prior to the end of the show – please ensure you are fully aware of the show closing time in advance.
  5. Exhibitors arriving after 9.45am will need to see the organiser before commencing set-up. The show will be closed for set-up at 10.15am and no exhibitors will be accepted after this time.

Insurance, Health and Safety and Security

  1. Exhibitors are responsible for the safety of their own stands and their individual insurance to cover stock and equipment.
  2. It is the responsibility of each & every exhibitor, performer & speaker to be aware of any current change in legislation that affects their activities and to comply with such legislation.
  3. Whilst the Organisers have taken every precaution to ensure a safe and secure environment for the shows it is the responsibility of each stallholder to make sure that they have their own insurance to cover their goods and services as required by law and should have a minimum of £1 million Public Liability insurance and a minimum of £1 million Professional indemnity for any products and treatments given. No responsibility will be accepted by the Organisers for claims made against any products, services or treatments or for any loss or damage to exhibitor’s stock or equipment.
  4. Holistic and Mystic make every effort to ensure that all venues are safe and secure overnight for two day events, but no responsibility will be accepted by us or the venue for exhibitors stock or equipment.
  5. Copies of Insurance Certificates must be included with the booking form at the time of booking

Readers (Psychic Consultants, Aura photographers, Clairvoyants, Mediums, Psychic artists, card readers)

  1. Only one reader per stand is permitted. Sharing stands is not permitted.
  2. All readings must be recorded however, if a reader is unable to provide recording equipment visitors must be allowed to use their own mobile phones etc to record the session.
  3. Appropriate Professional Liability Insurance must be carried and a copy must be sent with their booking.
  4. Spiritual readers are carefully controlled to ensure a balanced and successful show for all concerned. Therefore, all services must be declared prior to attending. The organiser reserves the right to withdraw any services not previously declared.
  5. Prices for readings/services MUST be clearly displayed. Additional charges should be for more time NOT for enhanced or additional skills.
  6. To ensure quality of service all Readers are required to participate in the Holistic and Mystic Feedback system. Testimonials provided may be included on the website and in promotional material.
  7. All Readers are asked to work with confidentiality, therefore no client information should be given or discussed with anyone.
  8. Readers should have consideration for the emotional state of the enquirer before delivering any information that could involve personal or traumatic issues. Readings should be empowering and/or life enhancing therefore, no prediction of death or ill health for the enquirer or someone known to him/her should be made under any circumstances.
  9. Care should be taken to balance out a reading or prediction for future destiny with guidance that the client has their own free will choices.
  10. Readers need to be mindful of their own mental and emotional health at all times. Life delivers us all with times of discomfort and trauma, therefore it is necessary to allow time to heal to ensure that personal issues do not blur readings or that emotions are not passed on to clients.
  11. No readings are permitted to anyone under 18 years. Proof of age should be requested in case of doubt.

Adverse Weather

In the event of adverse weather that affects attendance refunds will not be given.

Holistic & Mystic, 6 Walcot Rise, Diss, Norfolk, IP22 4PD
Tel: 01379 651354 / Mob: 07515 010437