Five Ways to get the Best Out of a Psychic Reading

One of the biggest learning point for me after years of doing readings is that “most” people see readings and readers as a “what you can do for me” paid service. Therefore there is a huge level of expectation from the psychic and from other sources.

The truth is that the psychic taps into your own soul and intuition. Perhaps even your spirit guide will play a role in the reading. Once you understand the dynamics then you will realise that it is really “What I need to tell myself which I already know” rather than from an outside source.

A psychic digs deep into our soul to see life purpose, the blocks, challenges, personal struggles, things we don’t want to acknowledge or refuse to see for ourselves. There are times when someone needs to recognise how strong they were in the past to be able to get through the struggles of today. Most of us take it for granted and keep moving but times comes when we feel we can’t go on. This is where a reminder of the past is essential.

See a psychic reading as a two-way process and put in as much as you take. Psychic readings ought to empower you to move forward in your present life and, to carve out the future you want.

Here are five things you can do to prepare for a good reading:

1. Openness

Please don’t waste your money by going to see a psychic to “test” them. It is hard to work with someone who comes with a huge block as you have to work very hard to get past it. Psychics are sensitive beings and it is easy to feel overwhelmed especially when confronted by negative energy.  Go for a reading because it feels right, and when you know you need insight into what is going on. Have an open mind that you will hear what you NEED to hear and not necessarily what you WANT to hear.  Please remember that psychics are individuals and all work differently. Some work with tools like cards, Angel boards, divination tools or even tea leaves. Ultimately the source of their connection is YOU. Just be open and be prepared to know what you need to know. It is important to remember that it is a two-way process.

2. Before your session

The best thing to do before a reading is to RELAX!  I often find the best readings are when I can connect openly with a client’s solar plexus. But when you are rushed, stressed or distracted, the solar plexus shuts down. This makes a connection harder but not impossible. It just means your psychic will be spending more time trying to make that “click”.

So rest up, try to plan your journey, find out where to park or which train to take, to avoid being late and feeling rushed.

Breathe and calm yourself so you are relaxed.  You can sit in the car with the engine switched off, with some meditation music and with eyes closed, breathe in and out slowly. You can do this in five minutes and feel totally relaxed. You can ask your spirit guides, Angels or even Spirit family to come forward to help bring out the messages you need to know.

3. Food and drink

I know this might be too obvious but please do not drink before a reading.  While the psychic needs a clear mind and stable emotions to be able to work with your energy, you need to have a clear mind to absorb the information provided. If you are under the influence of alcohol or any other substances that you are not in the right frame of mind to take in the messages. In the same note, eating too much or too little can also pose a problem. I had one lady a while back who had a huge lunch before our appointment. As a result, she couldn’t keep her eyes open during the reading. She found it difficult to concentrate and was very uncomfortable throughout. I felt it was a challenging as I was picking up her discomfort which was distracting. It was also hard knowing she wasn’t able to pay attention to the important messages provided. On the other hand, a gentleman who was too busy to have both breakfast and lunch almost fainted when he walked through the door as he was absolutely starving. Luckily I had some biscuits which I offered along with a coffee.

I am sure you would be annoyed if you turned up for a reading to have the psychic either drunk or fainting from not eating. Both parties need to have focus and energy to work together to bring out the inner knowledge. I usually have a light meal before I start work and eat little and often to keep me going. 

4. Let go & let it happen

Please don’t be afraid of psychics or mediums. I know it can be intimidating as it feels very “out of your hands” BUT, let me tell you a secret: the readers are often nervous to read for you too!

Most psychics are sensitive souls and we want to do an amazing job for everyone even though this is statistically impossible.  As they say “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”.” 

People fear the unknown and most people are scared of what they are going to hear. Your psychic can’t tell you anything your soul doesn’t already know.  Some of us are terrified about relationships ending, or being made redundant or even that they will not be able to move house when they want.  Be open to hear what you need to hear and that it is meant to help you not defeat you. I always ask my clients if they want to know everything. I do my best to leave them with something positive to uplift them at the end.

Please note a professional psychic who has gone through some form of development through a Spiritual Church, mentorship or through the Spiritualist National Union will adhere to the do’s and don’ts. This means topics such as death, fertility, fortune telling and health outcomes are avoided.  Truthfully we will all die at some point but knowing when and how will only shorten our lives. I know for a fact I would rather not know and enjoy every moment as it comes. Knowing would mean I would be engulfed by sadness and I would be focused on the when and not the now.

Look at a psychic reading as a way to get clarity so you can make a decision or have a better idea of your situations. A mediumship reading should leave you uplifted and help the healing process.

5. Take Notes/Record

I always write as I do my readings as I have a terrible memory. I also think it helps the sitter as the paper will have the date and my name on there so they can look back and pick out the relevant details. Many people find readings intimidating and hard to absorb everything in one go. I find this especially useful during mediumship readings as I may have written information they couldn’t take at that time but showing it to a family member will bring clarity. So if your medium or psychic is uncomfortable writing then take notes or record the reading, with their permission of course!

About the author: Angela Mitchell is an established and respected Medium and Spirit Artist based in Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK. Originally from Malaysia and a former journalist, she first realised she could communicate with Spirits when she was 10. She spent many years learning about yoga, meditation, and learning more about mediumship. She never thought it would lead to working full time as a Medium but it happened and she has never been happier. Angela is also a certified Doreen Virtue Angel card reader and Angelic Spiritual Energy Healer. She is also a Fright Nights paranormal investigation Medium. Angela runs regular workshops and development circles in Berkshire. You can find out more about her at

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