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Welcome to Holistic & Mystic


Arora Hotel, Southgate Avenue, Crawley RH10 6LW

Approx 50 stands

Talks and workshops included FREE

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Mind, Body, Soul shows built with integrity, honesty, heart and soul

Holistic and Mystic was born in March 2010 following a message from the Universe that I received after meditating with my angel cards. Something disturbed my sleep and I woke far too early a day or so later –  it was as if a light came on. The voice inside my head told me to run a show – and there it was! The Caterham show at The Arc was launched only 10 weeks later in June and was immediately welcomed by 45 exhibitors and 300 visitors, it was a wonderful day.

We are now in our 5th year. There are 8 shows this year in 4 different venues and they have grown to become the largest MBS shows in the south east – we are very proud!

Caterham still continues to be so popular despite it being our smallest show and in an area where parking is restricted. It doesn’t stop the visitors coming! A ‘cute’ building with a great history (an army training gym!) the atmosphere is warm and inviting. Some exhibitors choose it as their favourite.

Dorking, at the beautiful Denbies wine estate, which nestles in the Surrey Hills, sells out almost as soon as the dates are launched – you may be able to grab an occasional late stand, but it’s unusual. The ambience in this venue is something special. People laugh lots and stay for hours, it’s a wonderful show. If only we could get the venue for 2 days but Denbies are popular with weddings and we can’t get it. Never mind, it means it’s crammed full all day and everyone loves it.

Crawley was a take over from previous organisers. Another show that has been in the area for many years and has been moved to different venues for various reasons. We settled it at the Arora hotel in April. It worked beautifully and the light, airy atrium of the hotel brought lots of compliments. Hurrah, we think we’re finally home!

Then there’s Kempton. Our new baby, or at least it begins it’s toddler hood this year! There is just so much potential for this show. The venue is so accessible to the London crowds, has  hundreds of free parking spaces and can hold 90+ exhibitors. We love this venue, as did last year’s visitors, and are committed to growing it to become the largest MBS in the South outside of London.

But, of course, there’s lots more to be done and lots of areas still in need of a good MBS event so we are always on the look out for a new venue. They are hard to find and ideas are always welcome. We have some thoughts for 2015 – watch this space!

Holistic and Mystic Vision

So, the vision for Holistic and Mystic is simple – to provide a safe and friendly environment in which visitors can expect to receive good, honest information and advice and to feel that, as a customer or a client, your needs are our priority.

I believe that if something is rooted in honesty and integrity then it will grow.

All exhibitors have been selected because we feel confident that they represent the values that are paramount at a holistic show. Come along to learn more about caring for your mind, body and soul; have fun choosing gifts and share a few hours – or all day even – with like-minded people. Whatever your reason for coming to a Holistic and Mystic show you will be warmly welcomed and we very much hope that you will enjoy your day.

With Love and Light

Tracy and the H&M team x

The Holistic and Mystic ethos

Holistic and Mystic is committed to creating a safe, honest and ethical evironment that allows visitors to return time and again in the knowledge that they will be treated with respect, that they can trust the advice or service they require and that they will enjoy their day. However our role is also to provide an opportunity for the exhibitor to achieve a successful event, whether they are a stall holder, spiritual consultant or therapist. That becomes an easier task if we all pull together and each do the best we can.

Diary Dates

Holistic & Mystic Mind, Body, Soul Events 2016

28th February - Dorking at Denbies RH5 6AA

3 April - Crawley at Arora Hotel RH10 6LW

23rd/24th April - Kempton at Kempton Park TW16 5AQ

11 September - Crawley at Arora Hotel RH10 6LW

23rd October - Dorking at Denbies RH5 6AA

19th/20th November - Kempton at Kempton Park TW16 5AQ

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