Five Ways to get the Best Out of a Psychic Reading

One of the biggest learning point for me after years of doing readings is that “most” people see readings and readers as a “what you can do for me” paid service. Therefore there is a huge level of expectation from the psychic and from other sources. The truth is that the psychic taps into your...
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Mary Lunnen Dare to Blossom

Lessons from a Life Coach: Q&A with Mary Lunnen

In recent years, the rise in popularity for getting yourself a Life Coach has left me asking many questions. Do I need one? Should I already have one? Shall I trade in my psychotherapist in for one? See, so many questions!  If you are anything like me, you probably feel slightly overwhelmed as to what the...
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crystal healing

Crystal Healing: Using Rose Quartz for Anxiety

Crystal healing therapy is a form of alternative healing that uses crystals and gemstones to encourage the flow of energy and healing. One of the best crystals for healing anxiety is the Rose Quartz. This beautiful pink translucent stone radiates unconditional love and can truly help to heal the heart. This stone has a real...
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